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Beautiful. Simply beautiful. However, I need at least 100 words, so here is stuffs. I am happy to join with you today in what will go d...

WHY? Bonnie is my favorite animatronic! Also, I like chicken nuggets. Chick-fil-A my favorite! Also, may I kindly ask you to give me so...

Foxy: Arr, r-r-r-HELP ME-remember to always read a good book, kiddies! Or else you'll be walkin' the pla-a-a-PLEASE RUN-ank! Bonnie: Yo...

Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Also, can I have points, please? About 200 or 300 will do. 400 would be awfully nice. Noice. Niece. I alwa...

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After all these years, it's finally done... by LDEJruffFan After all these years, it's finally done... :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 0 0 Little Miss Tiny by LDEJruffFan Little Miss Tiny :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 3 2 Boils And Ghouls by LDEJruffFan Boils And Ghouls :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 0 0 FULL KTMA Seating by LDEJruffFan FULL KTMA Seating :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 4 0
MST3K: Episode Idea
Movie: IDK
Short: The Wiggles Come to Shadow Projects Films(Y'know, this one. WARNING: DEEP HURTING)
Host: Joel
Timeset: After Manos, before Mitchell
Prologue: Gypsy wants new muscular robotic arms to take down the Mads for showing them "Manos: The Hands of Fate." Also, Magic Voice reveals she and Cambot are the same, much to Crow and Tom's shock.
Segment 1: Joel presents Gypsy's new muscle arms, accompanied with some poses by Gypsy, to Crow's excitement and Tom's disgust. The Mads improve on Kinga, Dr. Forrester's daughter's, invention, Liquid Television.
Segment 2: Gypsy have fun with her new robot arms, flexing and wrestling and all that, leading for Tom to ask Joel for a pair as well, only to be disappointed when Joel says no.
Segment 3: Gypsy poses for Crow, leading for the pair to almost kiss before Tom randomly butts in asking about the anatomy of llamas.
Segment 4: Gypsy helps Joel move stuff around the Satellite. A
:iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 0 0
Gumball: The Shell(alternate)
Elmore was not your ordinary town. It was a town full of strange and fascinating creatures. And Penny Fitzgerald was not your ordinary girl. On the surface, she was a bizarre-yet-pretty-looking antlered peanut. If you couldn't already tell that her designers(4th wall joke OOPS) were on drugs, inside that shell was an extraordinarily powerful and very beautiful creature- but we'll get to that later. One day at school, she and the person-who-had-a-crush-on-her-and-it-was-obvious-and-she-also-had-a-crush-on-him-but-you-couldn't-tell, Gumball, a blue cat with a knack for mischief, were in class, being bored out of their minds, when suddenly, Gumball realized something. "Penny?" he asked. "What? What is it?" questioned Penny, to which Gumball replied, "You're glowing." Penny just giggled, to which Gumball defiantly countered, "No, really. You are really glowing right now. I mean, I have a crush on you, but this isn't some kind of way to woo you over. You are literally glowing. You're- you'r
:iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 0 0
Penny Flexgerald by LDEJruffFan Penny Flexgerald :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 15 14
Evolution of Cristina
Cristina was beyond mad, beyond fuming. Her former crush, Lincoln Loud, had practically deserted her for the school bully, Ronnie Anne Santiago. Cristina had planned to ask Lincoln out on a date to see the new Loud Rangers movie. She had even put on a white long sleeve shirt under her usual blue dress and picked out some nice flowers for the occasion. When she saw him and Ronnie Anne together buying tickets to the same movie, she was livid. She wanted nothing more than a simple somewhat romantic date, and this was how he treated her? Ronnie Anne noticed Cristina's angry expression and tried to calm her down, but Cristina just said "NO! I only wanted to give Lincoln a chance by seeing the movie of his second favorite comic book together, seeing as how they're NEVER going to make an Ace Savvy movie, and he stabs me in the back with... with YOU! I don't even like Loud Rangers anyway!" That comment had offended Lincoln, who grabbed Ronnie Anne by her hand and pulled her toward the ticket b
:iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 4 0
Luna as Ultimate Echo Echo by LDEJruffFan Luna as Ultimate Echo Echo :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 1 2 Posing Inbetween Studies by LDEJruffFan Posing Inbetween Studies :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 23 2 Technologically Ripped by LDEJruffFan Technologically Ripped :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 1 0 Princess of Zeetheria by LDEJruffFan Princess of Zeetheria :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 0 0 TFW You're Stingy and It's Yours by LDEJruffFan TFW You're Stingy and It's Yours :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 0 0
Dearest viewers, who would you want to see grow the biggest? Dotcom or Zoogina? (in case you weren't alive in the time when Zoog Disney was around, or were living under a rock, Dotcom and Zoogina are 2 characters from it.) I'll be holding a GROWTH DRIVE to see which. Just donate me some points and send me a note for which character you would like to see grow! (just in case you're stupid, it's their muscles that will be growing)
NOTE: These will be their 1998-2001 designs.
DOUBLE NOTE: I personally prefer Dotcom, but I'm flexible.
TRIPLE NOTE: There are some who call me... Tim...
Zoog Disney. It's TV you do.
:iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 0 0
Animated Atrocities- BFDIA 5 by LDEJruffFan Animated Atrocities- BFDIA 5 :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 0 2 Princess Wintergreen by LDEJruffFan Princess Wintergreen :iconldejrufffan:LDEJruffFan 18 0


Future: Lizzie and Louis Loud by Sonson-Sensei Future: Lizzie and Louis Loud :iconsonson-sensei:Sonson-Sensei 51 7 Just a Joke by CoyoteRom Just a Joke :iconcoyoterom:CoyoteRom 176 37 Don't Be Shy by TheCottonCandyQueen Don't Be Shy :iconthecottoncandyqueen:TheCottonCandyQueen 42 11 Muscular Jade Chan Colored by GrandMasterLucilious Muscular Jade Chan Colored :icongrandmasterlucilious:GrandMasterLucilious 119 22 Jade Chan by MatL Completed by CheeseDogX Jade Chan by MatL Completed :iconcheesedogx:CheeseDogX 76 4 Jade Gets Juiced. by Atariboy2600 Jade Gets Juiced. :iconatariboy2600:Atariboy2600 200 26 Future: Clynn McBride by Sonson-Sensei Future: Clynn McBride :iconsonson-sensei:Sonson-Sensei 47 24 Little Miss Wise by Percyfan94 Little Miss Wise :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 24 4 Little Miss Stubborn by Percyfan94 Little Miss Stubborn :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 23 11 Little Miss Splendid by Percyfan94 Little Miss Splendid :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 19 3 Anger Giggles by SwordSparks Anger Giggles :iconswordsparks:SwordSparks 5 16 Miss Calamity and her antiself by Percyfan94 Miss Calamity and her antiself :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 12 7 I Made a MMaLM Meme :D by CrazyNutBob I Made a MMaLM Meme :D :iconcrazynutbob:CrazyNutBob 3 7
100 Themes Challenge
Make 100ThemesChallenge a Super Group again! Give points.
Every point helps!
What is the 100 Themes Challenge?
100ThemesChallenge is a group that aims to inspire artists with a challenge. Many artists suffer from artist block from time to time, and sometimes the best way to fix it is to appeal to the side of our nature that rises to a challenge. We hope to motivate artists of all types with themes, short prompts, and contests. 100 Themes Challenge simply gives artists a starting point... you go from there!
How does it work?
There are five variations, each with 100 themes. You can pick your favorite variation from the 5 pre-existing ones or mix and match themes from multiple variations. When you’ve decided which variation you’d like to work on, pick a theme and use it as inspiration to create!
You don’t have to go in order and there are no limitations on the medium (or mediums!) you
:icon100themeschallenge:100ThemesChallenge 269 196
Commission - Venus 6 by Ritualist Commission - Venus 6 :iconritualist:Ritualist 298 17 Commission - Venus 5 by Ritualist Commission - Venus 5 :iconritualist:Ritualist 200 12




Little Miss Tiny
I mixed :iconpercyfan94:'s two Miss Tiny designs with :iconemeraldzebra1234:'s idea of her having blond hair.

The way I see it, she would be MMS Mr. Small mixed with :iconcrazynutbob:'s OC Miss Puny- DEEP BOOMING VOICE, friendly and jovial, kind of a hothead. She always hangs out with Miss Curious, and together, they always spy on people. She's Mr. Small's girlfriend.


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Henshin! Let rebrand GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *transformation sequence that is long and flashy as all crap* KAMEN RIDER EEEEEEEEEEEEEECH
How do you make vehicle costumes for a Bob the Builder live show? Just asking. How do they work?

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Ms Paint
20 points for drawing

50 points for ms paint

seems legit
I will make an edit for you in NOT PHOTOSHOP, MOM!
I am an artist.(and number one)
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